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NZ Farm Forestry Association

NZFFA membership is for those with small forestry blocks – farmers, foresters, investors, growers, managers. It provides a network of tree growers each practicing sustainable land management in rural New Zealand.

The NZFFA’s goal is to promote the wise use of trees for profit, amenity, sustainability, and the environment for the benefit of both its members and NZ at large. Members learn about the benefits of planting different species and how they help fight climate change, provide shade and shelter, reduce erosion and improve water quality. Members of the NZFFA also benefit from a growing library of information on all aspects of farm forestry. General information is available to all visitors but some detailed and membership-specific information is reserved for members only.

Activities on offer:

An extensive library of information about the growing and management of various types of exotic and native tree species
Field Day education


level 9/93 The Terrace, Wellington Central, Wellington, New Zealand

Hamish Levack

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