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What is eco-tourism?

Eco-tourism is about giving visitors the opportunity to learn about how to support the maintenance of natural areas which are attractive to visitors, that are ecologically, economically and socially sustainable and which provide social and economic benefits of value to local communities. In that way they learn to appreciate and understand our country's natural and cultural values.

The planting and managing of exotic and native tree forests can be an important part of achieving those goals.

To quote NZ Dairy:

"With good planning and design, trees create a pleasant, diverse and interesting place in which to live and work.


Trees have the power to inspire awe and wonder. For generations they have been used to beautify the landscape.


Trees have many attributes. Plantings for timber, livestock shelter, shade, fodder, soil conservation and biodiversity can deliver significant benefits. Each adds capital value to your farm as well as character and visual appeal."


The New Zealand climate offers many tree choices. There’s no real limit to what you can achieve once you get started."=


Dairy NZ also provides useful comment on the value of tree plantings which can be found here at <> under the menu item "Environment" 

Trees that count community

You can also participate in a community ation plan to plant native trees by joining "The trees that count community" by clicking here <>

For more information about funding support for planting natives cn also be found by clicking on this address


The NZ Farm Forestry Association's goal is to promote the wise use of trees for profit, amenity, sustainability, and the environment for the benefit of both its members and NZ at large. 

NZFFA membership is for those with small forestry blocks – farmers, foresters, investors, growers, managers. It provides a network of tree growers each practicing sustainable land management in rural New Zealand. Join NZFFA and start networking! 

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Members of the NZFFA benefit from a growing library of information on all aspects of farm forestry. General information is available to all visitors but some detailed and membership-specific information is reserved for members only.

Eastwoodhill Arboretum 

- an arboreal ark, a safe haven for threatened and endangered trees. Our mission is centered on conservation education and research.

For more information.

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