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Rural Health
and safety

For more information on the services and advice the Ministry of Health can provide in the area of rural health issues please click here.

And set out below is guide to the health and safety issues confronting rural property owners who invite visitors onto their properties.

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Rural health roadmap

One in four New Zealanders live in rural areas or small towns, and there is a greater percentage of children, older people, and Māori living in these areas.

Ensuring comprehensive, quality services for people living in rural areas is a priority for the Government.

Publicly funded health services are provided through district health boards (DHBs), primary health organisations (PHOs), and through many rural hospitals throughout New Zealand.

Farm visitor Health and Safety and other regulatory obligations

Property owners wishing to invite visitors on to their properties must be mindful of the consumer protection and health and safety laws which apply. These include the Fair Trading and Consumer Guarantee Acts along with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. Property owners will be asked to sign a Protocol in which they agree to specified standards of presentation and health and safety for visitors.

For more information about any of these obligations you are welcome to contact us by clicking here.

More specific information about the farm health and safety obligations which apply to welcoming visitors onto a property can be downloaded at the link below.

For more information, visit WorkSafe for their guides to keeping safe on farms

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