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Glenbrook Vintage Railway

Our history - Though the Glenbrook Vintage Railway (GVR) was founded in 1970, our story starts in 1914 with the construction of the Waiuku Branch Railway.

The Glenbrook Vintage Railway Charitable is a Trust Board which was established by members of the Railway Enthusiasts Society, (many of whom were working for New Zealand Railways at the time), to preserve, rebuild, and operate the old Waiuku Branch Railway line between Glenbrook and Waiuku. Over the years, this bunch of passionate volunteers fundraised to acquire locomotives and carriages from around the country, as well as cutting back the gorse that had overgrown the railway line, using machetes. The fully working railway, that is the Glenbrook Vintage Railway you see today, is a testament to the vision, dedication, and hard work of these founding members. The mission of the Glenbrook Vintage Railway is not only to maintain and operate our heritage trains over our historic railway line and beyond, but to keep alive and share the skills, stories, and history of the railways that built New Zealand.

Fiordland Vintage Machinery Museum

The Fiordland Vintage Machinery Museum has as its mission statement, "Protecting history for future generations". This history is displayed in the museum's exhibits which include over 60 working tractors, a selection of early road graders and motor bikes, a massive collection of early machinery, a fully operational blacksmith shop and displays of Te Anau's early history including the first telephone exchange, Te Anau's first school building and various early history memorabilia.

Historic homestead

Lynda invites you to visit her beautiful old homestead to learn of its 100 year history and to appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into its building.

High Country sheep station

Two children who grew up on a 48,000 ha high-country sheep station, close to the Clarence River in North Canterbury, talk of the leisurely and quaint up-bringing they enjoyed mixed with Sunday evenings ending in hymn singing around the piano, hardship and hard work.

Waikato River Cruises

Discovery Cruises provide a day and overnight sailing in its luxury vessel, Manuwai Tuarua, on the lower Waikato River, passing through beautiful countryside and providing the guests with a special view of farms, horticulture and bush in their natural state, otherwise not accessible to the general public.
Please note this activity is temporarily closed.

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