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Queen Bee breeding

Inspired by their grandmother's offer to teach them the skill of breeding Queen bees two sisters took over the family's honey making business to breed a special species of Queen bee, more resilient against such diseases as Varroa mite.

Bushmere Estate Vines

David and Shona Egan will welcome you to Bushmere Estate.

Puhoi Valley Cheese

At Puhoi Valley we have a passion for cheese, and our master cheese makers lovingly turn our rich flavoursome milk into some of the finest quality specialty cheeses in the world. From the exquisite creaminess of our double cream brie, to the sophisticated tones of our goat feta, Puhoi Valley Cheeses will inspire you.

Making cheese

Cath Collins always had an interest in cooking and particularly dairy foods made from the 45 cows milked on her small lifestyle block.

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