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Landscape beautification

A couple with a vision for transforming their farm into a model of sustainable land management received a grant from Air New Zealand's Environmental Trust for $450,000 to plant 85,000 trees, including fruit and nut, natives and amenity trees.

The trees are used to stabilise steep hillsides, beautify the the farm and link the land to remnants of virgin native forest. Staff from Air New Zealand's Green Team, visit the farm to help plant and weed the trees and stay overnight in an Eco Lodge built for that purpose. The trees form part of an integrated system, farming beef cattle, milking cows, pigs and chickens which the general public are allowed to observe through organised walks.

Activities on offer:

- Amenity tree plantings
- Beautification of property
- Government grant scheme
- Guided farm tour
- Overnight accommodation


For more information:
You can visit TVNZ's Country Calendar archive at

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