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Dingleburn Station

Dingleburn Station, owned by the Meade family, is a high country farm of 7,000 hectares in the heart of New Zealand's South Island. The Meade family run over 10,000 head of merino sheep which supply fine quality wool and run more than 350 Angus beef cattle.

Davida and Guy Mead's ties to this land run deep. Until the early 1960's, Dingleburn Station was only accessible by water and later by air. In the early days the only access to the homestead was by horseback. Wool, heavy equipment and supplies were boated back and forth from Mead's landing across the lake. In the early 1960's the then owner, Ian Sarginson, blasted out the road, part of which went around the treacherous Rocky Point, a most amazing feat.

Activities on offer:

- Farmstay
- Walking and Tramping
- Fishing
- Mountain biking
- Kayaking
- Local history


Dingle Burn Station Road, Dingle Burn 9382, New Zealand

For more information you can visit <>

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