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Flaxmere Gardens

Flaxmere Garden, one of the NZ Gardens Trust, "Gardens of National Significance" has its beginning over fifty years ago on a North Canterbury sheep farm. Bodly designed to frame the surrounding mountain vistas, today Flaxmere Garden is a place of peace and tranquility for all to enjoy.

Situated near the Southern Alps, Flaxmere has developed into a stunning example of a garden that evolves with the seasons, splendid throughout the year. The abundant use of water has enabled the creation of five ponds that ensures a wonderful bird life. Flaxmere is also a wonderful setting for weddings and other social occasions and accommodation for visitors to stay and linger in the various garden settings is also provided.

Activities on offer:

- Garden tours
- Wedding venue
- Social functions
- Rest and recreation
- Accommodation


128 Westenras Road, Masons Flat 7385, New Zealand

For more information you can visit <> or phone Penny Zino on +64 27 2100 958.

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