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For the love of wool

Rewa Rewa Station was initially established by Patrizia and her late partner Rod who today carries on the management of the farm with the help of others. Patrizia is passionate about natural fibres and has her own flock of 50 coloured sheep to gather fibre from. The small flock consists of Polwarth, Romney x Corriedale and Gotland Pelt Sheep. Patrizia, an Italian Interior Designer, began a very steep learning curve when they purchased a Hill Country Sheep & Beef farm in Tinui. There is now a Craft Studio on the farm where you can purchase yarn, fibre and knitted goods. Or, for those keen to learn knitting, spinning or natural dyeing classes may be an option.

In addition to her fibre producing coloured sheep flock she also has some Alpacas and Mohair goats for fibre too. These animals are bred for their fibre, which is then prepared for sale or used by Patrizia to create her own range of goods. These different fibres can be purchased individually or as a blend.
Patrizia’s aim is to produce good quality products suitable for spinners, weavers, knitters or those that crochet. Provenance & Traceability are the cornerstones of Rewa Rewa Stations ethos. The coloured fleeces are processed separately and individually being identified by their own unique animal tag number and the year the fibre is harvested, as the fibre colour changes as the animal ages. With the exception of the Gotland Pelts which produce only shades of grey, the remainder of the flock produces colours ranging from Moorit (very light brown) to nearly black. Animals are selected for the quality of their wool/fibre and treated with respect until their final day. Stress throughout their life is minimised by the friendly Rewa Rewa Team. Although the farm meat is not available for public consumption you may be able to purchase one of the animal’s skins which are professionally tanned and sold on farm, or at markets. Patrizia’s approach is to follow the fibre flock through the natural course of their life using their wonderful natural fibre, minimising waste, giving them a great life before their journey is complete. All along the way fabulous natural fibre goods are produced for sale.
Patrizia is a member of the Black & Coloured Sheep Breeders Association, Wairarapa Spinners & Weavers Guild Assn, Creative Fibre, follower of the Fibreshed movement, Rare Breeds Assn, NZ Highland Cattle Society and Shire Horse Society.

Activities on offer:

- On farm Craft Days monthly a chance to meet like-minded crafters, knit, spin, crochet, learn and socialise.
- Craft Studio shop for the purchase of natural fibre goods for crafters


166 Rewa Rewa Road, Tīnui, New Zealand

Phone 06 372 6990

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