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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is a Mexican style indoor / outdoor garden bar restaurant and live music venue serving authentic Mexican street food with a funky tiki bar serving delicious cocktails mocktails and tiki slushies for the kids. It's where everyone is welcome to sit, relax, enjoy tasty food and listen to the vibrant strains of Mexican music.

The food is delicious, featuring Mexican street food along with mulled wine, tiki bar cocktails and "tiki slushies and heated choc brownie with the works" for the kids. From time to time special live guest performances are featured which the whole family is welcome to attend and enjoy. It's just a great community fun event and if you or your kids ever want to get up and sing or play then you are welcome to get up and just "do it"!
The groovy vibes and good times at the secret garden are waiting for you.
Opening hours are Friday to Sunday.

Activities on offer:

Mexican style food and drink
Live music performances
Outdoor garden bar atmosphere
Family friendly restaurant services


17 Waihi Beach Road, Waihi, New Zealand

Phone: 027 379 8483

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