Helping to save the environment - planting trees

"With good planning and design, trees create a pleasant, diverse and interesting place in which to live and work.


Trees have the power to inspire awe and wonder. For generations they have been used to beautify the landscape.


Trees have many attributes. Plantings for timber, livestock shelter, shade, fodder, soil conservation and biodiversity can deliver significant benefits. Each adds capital value to your farm as well as character and visual appeal."


The New Zealand climate offers many tree choices. There’s no real limit to what you can achieve once you get started."

Dairy NZ


More information about the grants available for farm forestry tree plantings is available from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and Te Uru Rakau. Please visit <> for detail on these grant schemes.


Dairy NZ also provides useful comment on the value tree plantings for dairy farmers which can be found here at <> and <>

"Trees that count community"
You can also participate in a community action plan to plant native trees by joining 'The trees that count community". For more information you can click on this address <>