Laura's Real Country

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Laura Douglas

  • Kingston

  • Southland

  • Sheep and beef farmer

  • Farm practice educator

Times of operation

  • All year around

  • By appointment only

Confirmed listing
  • Farm visit
  • Animal variety
  • Farming practice tuition
  • Real country life experience

Laura's "Real Country Farm" allows for all its visitors to experience the 'real New Zealand' and have authentic rural interactions with local hosts. Genuine Southern Hospitality is a trait that is cultivated over years growing up in a close knit, rural community and Laura takes great pride in ensuring that every guest feels like a friend, not a stranger. Laura will give visitors the opportunity to experience what real life working on a farm is all about. She will let you have a go at shooting guns and cracking whips, dagging sheep or simply watching the famous Real Country Farm Show and meeting all the animals or even cuddling some of them!

For more information about Laura's Real Country Farm activities you can click on this link <> and for a replay of a recent TVNZ "Sunday" programme that featured Laura click on this link <>.

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